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Calcined  ALOX Ultra Flexible Film Disc with Sponge SG33T


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    • Commodity name: Calcined  ALOX Ultra Flexible Film Disc with Sponge SG33T
    • Commodity ID: SG33T -2
    • By Grain: Aluminum Oxide
    • By Base: Velcro/PSA/Sponge Backing,Abrasive Film
    • By Type: Foam Abrasive Sponge,Sanding Discs
    • By Base Weight: Film
    • By Industry: Automotive,Paint/Wall,Composites,Electronic/Communication,Musical Instrument
  • Item NO. SG33T 
    Category Ultra flex sponge  disc  
    Coating Electrical coating
    Resin Resin over resin
    Base Paper flexible film 
    Paper Color different  grit  of different  color 
    Abrasive Grain calcined  ALOX
    Grain Side Color white 
    Grit Range     P600-P3000 
    Size 75mm multi  holes(56 holes)/ 150mm multi hole (178holes) /75mm 0 hole/ 150mm 0 hole 
    Other customized sizes.
    Form  sand disc 
    Benefit 1.Adopt a special TPU film as base, which it is high flexibility, durable, water and oil resistant. It is a new developed coated abrasive products with environmentally friendly material that do harmless to human’s body.
    2. Adopt high strength resin, which it is combined well with base material.so it makes more flexible, perfect match and sharpness.
    3.Because of the secial technology and cating,when you are sanding,  the work piece won”t be changed the color and with a smooth  surface.
    4.Fully open coating Because of the special flexibility and strength ,although after different kinds of grinding, the film won’t be crack or out of shape. It shows us perfect match whenyou are grinding ,.At the same time,it prevent from water and oil.And it’s good for polishing curved surface and three -dimensional work piece.reducing premature loading with sanding dust.
    Usage Automotive Industry: paint. putty polishing and surface repair refinish;
    Woodworking, musical instruments, cabinet industry: paint putty polishing
    and curved surface sanding;
    3C Electronic industry: Aluminium-magnesium alloy grinding, Sanding cell
    phone case、Polishing tablet computer and so on;
    Applicable Industry automotive  industry
    Package 100 pcs /box ,500 pcs/carton 
    Can pack according to customer’s requirements.
    OEM Accept OEM order
    Similar Quality KOVAX
    Min. Quantity NEUTRAL   1000 PCS for each grit 
    Stock No stock
    Production Time In 45-50 days after receiving 30% deposit.
    For the first OEM order, should need about 10 more days for printing design.
    Shipping Time 5-10 days on the port for Customs clearance and waiting for ship schedule
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