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EN851 Dry Abrasive Paper Sheets US Latex Paper Alox Anti-clog Zinc Stearated

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    • Commodity name: EN851 Dry Abrasive Paper Sheets US Latex Paper Alox Anti-clog Zinc Stearated
    • Commodity ID: 1042838311359307776
    • By Grain: Aluminum Oxide
    • By Base: Abrasive Paper
    • By Type: Zinc Stearated Sheet
    • By Base Weight: C-wt
    • By Industry: Wood/Furniture,Paint/Wall
  • Item NO.
    Dry Anti-clog Zinc Stearated Abrasive Paper
    Electrical coating
    Resin over resin
    Base Paper
    US Latex Paper
    Paper Color
    Abrasive Grain
    Special Treated Alox
    Grain Side Color
    Matt White
    Paper Weight
    Grit Range
    230mm x 280mm(Sheet), 1170mm, 1400mm(Roll width)
    1150mm, 1380mm(actual use area Roll width)
    Other customized sizes (Roll width is standard and length can be customized)
    1.Imported latex paper with special technique. Excellent flexibility and resistance to folding and tearing.
    2.Special-treated grains comply with EU standards. Special sand-planting technique realizes oriented grains evenly distributed. Sharp surface lead to Superior cutting performance and consistent finish.
    3.Special anti-clog coating ensures good sanding dust removal and prevents clogging thus optimizes the product performance.
    Furniture finish and unfinished wood sanding and polishing.
    Synthetic material and plastic sanding and polishing. For example, computer shell and case.
    Hard coating sanding and polishing.
    Applicable Industry
    Furniture industry
    100 sheets/Pack,500 or 1000 sheets/box
    Can pack according to customer’s requirements.
    Accept OEM order
    Similar Quality
    NORTON A275
    Min. Quantity
    Factory brand: 15,000 sheets/grit/item and at least 6 grits
                           1,000m/grit/item and at least 6 grits
    OEM order: 15,000 sheets/grit/ item and 300,000 sheets/item
               1,000m/grit/item and 20,000m/item
    No stock
    Production Time
    In 45-50 days after receiving 30% deposit.
    For the first OEM order, should need about 10 more days for printing design.
    Shipping Time
    5-10 days on the port for Customs clearance and waiting for ship schedule
    Relevant Items
    EN85, EJ85



    1.Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. Please subject to the actual products.

    2.Size: Roll width is standard and length can be customized. But there might be defects during production and we will of course cut off the defects, which results in some rolls with unmatched length as order required. If you accept joint roll, we can connect the unmatched length to the one order required (only if we have enough stock for connecting).

  • EN851 US Latex Paper Alox Anti-clog Zinc Stearated

    EN851 US Latex Paper Alox Anti-clog Zinc Stearated

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